Services to Private Clients


We aim to provide comprehensive, joined up advice on all aspects of tax relevant to private clients. Examples of what we advise on include:

Non-domiciled individuals

  • Ensuring non-UK income remains outside the scope of UK tax;
  • Remittance basis claims; and
  • Gaining or losing domicile in particular jurisdiction.


  • An individual’s residence status under both case law and the new statutory residence test; and
  • How residence in a particular jurisdiction can be lost or established.

Capital gains tax

  • Principal private residence relief;
  • Negligible value claims; and
  • Disposals of EIS/SEIS/VCT shares.


  • Taxation of termination payments;
  • Employee share awards;
  • Taxation of employment benefits; and
  • Employee or self-employed status and IR35.


  • Tax relief for EIS, SEIS and VCT investments; and
  • Other tax efficient investment strategies.


  • Maximising income tax relief for pension contributions;
  • Dealing with the annual and lifetime allowance charges;
  • Options available for drawdown;
  • The tax treatment of pensions not used to purchase an annuity; and
  • The inheritance tax treatment of pensions.

Property planning

  • The benefits and tax consequences of holding property personally or through a company;
  • Minimising the tax on transfers of property and SDLT;
  • Taxation of non-resident landlords; and
  • Principal private residence relief including back garden developments and periods of absence.


  • Transfers of business assets;
  • Capital gains tax planning; and
  • The impact on wills and IHT issues.

Self-assessment and other compliance issues

  • Tax issues involving self-assessment and the making of tax claims; and
  • Preparation and filing of UK tax returns.

Trust and estates

  • Comprehensive estate planning strategies, including the analysis of cross-border succession and taxation issues;
  • Availability of business property relief and other IHT reliefs;
  • The ongoing tax affairs of trusts and the tax consequences of possible variations or terminations of trusts; and
  • We can also arrange for new wills, trusts and powers of attorney to be established.