In the same way that we are totally focused on delivering first class accountancy services, we work closely with partners who provide complimentary services to help your wider business and personal matters run smoothly. This enables us to work with a range of other industry specialists by bringing a financial and commercial perspective which best represents your interests in any agreement.

Royalty Services

Ongoing monitoring and administration of royalties globally, on time and regularly audited.

Copyright Administration/Neighbouring Rights/Global Digital Releases

Ensuring registration is correctly set up with all collecting societies internationally, for recording and publishing.


Working with insurers who understand the world of music and entertainment and provide cover where others see you as high risk.


Making sure all commercial and financial deals are configured in the artists best interest when dealing with labels, publishers, agents, managers, promoters and production companies both in the UK and globally.

Wealth Management

All-encompassing solutions for wealth management including pensions, mortgages, trusts, inheritances planning and investments.

Tour Accounting

Comprehensive pre planning of tour budgets as well as on the road support culminating in final tour accounts.

Tax Specialists

Advice on a variety of international tax issues across a number of territories around world. Manage Withholding Tax on overseas performances.

Valuation (Catalogue & Copyright)

Valuation of all forms of intellectual property. (“IP”), intangible assets and goodwill