In many ways, accounting and the worlds of music and entertainment are at opposite ends of the creative spectrum. But bringing structure and process to any business is vital and music and entertainment is no exception.

The industry continues to evolve and respond to an increasingly complex digital and financially regulated world. As a result, there are a huge number of issues for you to consider such as licensing, tour accounting, digital releases, royalty management and copyright administration. Working with a specialist accountant who has an in depth understanding of these areas puts you and your business at a great advantage.

And these issues often extend beyond your business. So we work with other specialists who also understand your world, business and personal, and will help where standard providers see you as high risk. We have a network of national and international specialists who will support you in all areas of your business and personal lives from banking, insurance, law and tax. It’s one of the things that makes us different and something our existing clients value. It means they know everything about their financial affairs is co-ordinated from one place. And it’s a place that they know and trust.